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EI swamped by wave of claims Forced to rehire retirees to deal with volume


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EI swamped by wave of claims Forced to rehire retirees to deal with volume

March 13, 2009

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Service Canada, which handles Employment Insurance applications, is so swamped by claims it is calling back its retirees to help out.

The Globe and Mail reports Human Resources Minister Diane Finley confirmed Wednesday that retirees are being rehired.

The union representing Service Canada employees says rehiring retirees and increased overtime are “Band-Aid†solutions that will only lead to more problems.

The union says employees who work on pensions and old-age security are being drawn away to work on jobless claims.

The Canada Employment and Immigration Union says there has also been a spike in pension applications, as laid-off baby boomers retire rather than seek new jobs.

Union president Jeannette Meunier-McKay says there is a real risk those pensioners wont get their cheques on time.


Retirees? Were they unable to find anyone to hire who was looking for work?

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they will require some sort of course you need for this job and even if you're well educated and want to work if you don't have that course you will get screened out of the application process. then they are understaffed but keep posting the same jobs over and over and over and yet not hiring people. (that's just been my experience)

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I think Phorbesie's point is that even well-educated, motivated people, who could pick up the skills needed quite quickly, are turned away from these jobs that need filling right in the EI office, due to red-tape and poorly-conceived policy.

I am unable to believe that there is no one walking into EI offices these days, often having been turfed from highly responsible positions, who couldn't do this job.

Hiring retirees to process applications for people who can't find work is ridiculous. There are certainly post-secondary-educated unemployed people these days, who could easily hit the ground running if given a chance; perhaps with a couple shaky weeks at the beginning while they learned the ropes. Re-hiring retirees is typical of the endemic "band-aid fix" mentality of our government.

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