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Last minute wedding anniversary ideas?


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So the anniversary is today. We are planning in a couple weeks to go away for a little romantic getaway. But today, she is working and I am not (which puts me in the dog house to begin with), and I have about 6 hrs to prepare or think of something simple, but nice.

Any ideas?

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That's a pretty good suggestion there Northern Wish... You should give my hubby a few pointers! LOL!

I'm always a sucker for a nice sappy card (written by yourself, not Hallmark). A mixed compilation of music that is meaningful to her or the two of you may be nice...

Congrats p.p.!!

By the way, how was ski tour?

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That sounds about right Northern Wish. I just made my reservations for our weekend getaway, so keeping it simple for today sounds good.


Mini ski tour was great! Hotels and hot tubs daily. Great ski conditions which meant terrible driving conditions, but we dealt with it. Great parties! And I got to play Richard's on Richards for the first time. :)

We've been playing a few songs from a particular Ontario based jam band which has been tonnes of fun. Check out our myspace for an example. :)


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