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CBC layoffs, cuts, downsizing, selloffs :(

Kanada Kev

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This will affect the fabric of Canadian culture. This is bad news, but not unexpected, unfortunately. Canwest-Global's broadcasting end, an outhouse of a station, is in the worst trouble of all the networks in the country. I hope the CBC can retool and hire folks back when the economic dust settles. Good luck Kev!

P.S., CTV is hiring.

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More detail will be coming out every hour i'm sure. Here's a quick blip from ctv.ca


CBC cutting 800 jobs amid sinking ad revenues

Updated Wed. Mar. 25 2009 12:12 PM ET

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- The cash-strapped CBC told employees today that it will be cutting 800 jobs in effort to save $171 million amid sinking advertising revenues.

Internal sources say CBC president Hubert Lacroix broke the news to staff at a town hall meeting in Montreal.

The plan is to cut 396 jobs in the English service, 336 on the French side, and 70 corporate service positions.

The public broadcaster also plans to sell $125 million in assets in a bid to balance it's budget, workers were reportedly told.

In recent weeks, Lacroix has been warning of deep cuts to staff and programming to cope with a significant budget shortfall.

He has also said there will a salary freeze for top executives.

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This really is terrible. I don't know if everyone realizes this. The CBC - TV and radio - is a lifeline of information and culture, connecting all Canadians, whether they live in urban, rural and far remote areas. For some, the CBC is all they can get. The CBC produces far more Canadian content than all the other networks and for the most part, what the CBC produces isn't junk (I don't like Little Mosque and This Hour Has 22 Minutes, but many folks do). Canada would be far worse off if left to CTV and Global.

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Thanks everyone. We've got a big meeting tomorrow with our director to layout the plan for Media Sales & Marketing. I'm thinking that I'm in good shape, all things considered. It's some of the newer employees that I feel for. Felt bad and went out for a quick pint with one of them. Damn, I could get used to that on a daily basis ;) mmmm beers.

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