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PHISH - The Victor Disc


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Speaking of Phish discs, have you ever heard of this one? Looks like it could be enjoyable (unlike the Siket My Stomach CD):


Phish 06/17/1990 Wendell Studios Boston, MA [FLAC]

This is the complete Wendell Studio sessions.

From the Pharmer's Almanac Vol. 6:

"Recorded in the summer of 1990 at Wendell Studios in Boston, MA. Phish entered the studio soon after the June 16, 1990 Townshend Family Park show, but elected not to release any of the recorded material.

Tapes of the sessions circulate lightly among fans the first tape is more difficult to track down than the second"

Thanks to Sarah and Wayne for the discs.

Set 1:

1. Dog Gone Dog

2. Uncle Pen

3. Suzie Greenberg

4. Suzie Greenberg (2nd attempt)

5. Caravan

6. Alumni Blues

7. Take the A-Train

8. In a Mellow Tone

9. Possum

10. Mike's Song >

11. I Am Hydrogen >

12. Weekapaug Groove

13. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday >

14. Avenu Malkenu >

15. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

16. Tweezer

17. Possum

18. Harry Hood

19. Rift

20. Runaway Jim

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Okay so I listened to the whole Victor Disc(s) this morning. As far as I can tell they were just jamming in the studio for the fun of it. No song structures or composed compositions on there. I think it's pretty dope and I'll listen to it again for sure. I wouldn't put it in a class with The Siket Disc or anything else because really they're just jamming and it's all pretty loose. There's a jazzy vibe to alot of it and you can tell that they weren't using much of their own gear except their Guitars. I'd have to say that there are a few standouts for me and I've posted a couple things on youtube for fun if you want to check them out (I'll post them below this). The other thing I noticed was that whoever took it upon themselves to release this actually put a couple jams on twice. On the second disc "35 Minute Jam" and "Last Victor Jam" contain parts that are on the first disc under different titles.

A more indepth look for anybody who is interested: http://phishthoughts.com/2009/02/18/the-victor-disc/

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