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David Sedaris


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BUT.....for a dirtier, raunchier, more jaw-droppingly blow-jobby read (still side-splitting and milk-out-the-nose funny) read Augusten Burroughs.

Read some of his essays first, then read his autobiography, Running with Scissors. Avoid the movie though.

these guys are 2 of my favs....I have very dog-eared copies I re-read and re-read when a) I need a non-chemical pick me up, and B) I need to feel within a range of "normal"


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I have been reading a collection of essays by David Sedaris entitled "Naked". I have never laughed out loud as much while reading as I have while reading this book. I received more then a few weird looks on the plane last weekend.

Highly recommended.

I had exactly the same experience - read it on the plane, and had tears running down my face from laughing so hard. The people around me thought I was insane. If you like "Naked", I definitely recommend "Me Talk Pretty One Day". Sedaris is awesome.

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i LOVE david sedaris!!!

dress your family in corduroy & denimn was my first foray into the world of david sedaris, and is still my favourite. i'd even say i liked it way better than naked (and i liked naked too!).

DEFINITELY recommended:


me talk pretty one day is in the pile of books i got for christmas/boxing day shopping, and i can't wait to get to it.

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