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Roll Call: Mr.SS @ Rainbow (Ott.) Friday night


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Mr. Something Something

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Rainbow Bistro, Ottawa, ON

Set I


The Edge

The Invitation

Only The Maker

The Antidote

Set II


Beginner's Luck

Why Why Why

Make Your Mind

The Prize



What Are You


The Dis

The Contender

call for encore

The Wanting

Jebus. The first set started off with a kick upside the head, and it never let up. Paul MacDougall (guitar) was jaw-dropping (esp. during "Beginner's Luck"), and Phil Skladowski (baritone sax) contributed more, and contributed more strongly* than I'd seen him before. It was like the two individual increases in strength brought out a much stronger response from the rest of the band. :thumbup:



* I think "stronglier" should be a word. Or should it be "strongerly"?

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It was also cool watching Paul (guitar) and John (tenor sax) harass and insult interact with Phil (baritone sax) while Phil was taking one of his several heavy-duty solos; they actually would get in close with him, while he was playing, and tell him things into his ear.



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