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Wedding Setlist -please HELP!


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Hey all,

Getting hitched this summer to katy. A few around these parts have met her. Anyhow my friends band is gonna play the wedding, and would they wanted me to put together a setlist. some of you have seen them ...the idlers (the idlers.ca).

I would love any suggestions for danceable upbeat fun time tunes.


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The Guardian (UK) has been running a series on the "Top 1000 songs everyone should hear" which is organised around a bunch of different themes. I read the "Party" theme and it was pretty damn awesome particularly in terms of appealing to a wide audience but staying funky.

here's the list (you can link to a lot of the songs on Spotify):


Hope it helps!

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thanks guys!

great link blane.

kevo! yeah i know all those peeps. i phoned paul and asked ...and he said if they could swing a west coast tour around the date they could do it! marina was my 'phishhead' bud on the rock. there was a rumour that there were two more in newfoundland but we never foudn them.

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