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Arcade Fire?


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Great live show. Side project by Regine is Belle Orchestre. Memorable Ottawa appearance to ask about would certainly be 10.17.07 when they took the stage with none other than Bruce Springsteen to play his own State Trooper and then Win and Bruce traded vocals on AF's own Keep the Car Running.

Might I ask why the interview? Anything to do with the Bluesfest rumor?

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Why ask about the Lips?

Don't. Wayne Coyne of the Lips said some pretty nasty things about Arcade Fire recently:


Arcade Fire responded soon after that:




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Richard is the redhead that runs Bell Orchestre. Regine is not associated with Bell Orchestre (that I know of - I don't think she's recorded with them). Sean you might be thinking of Sarah Neufeld (violin)? She is in both bands. Or maybe Regine wanted to get out in front of a crowd.

There are a couple Ottawa connections you could ask about - Jeremy Gara (drums) is from Ottawa, played in such awesome bands as Kepler, Weights and Measures. He still plays in Jim Bryson's band. Richard Parry is from Ottawa as well. I think perhaps one or two more members are from here.

Notable shows - I think I've seen them 6 times, all pretty different. First time was at Coachella, it was their big coming out party in the States, their first big show there. Amazing show. I've seen them at big festivals (Coachella, Sasquatch), small festivals (Hillside), small settings (the intimate church gigs just prior to the release of Neon Bible) and big outdoor shows on their own (Deer Lake in Vancouver on the Neon Bible tour).

Always high energy, there is usually some sort of theatrics (climbing the stage, drumming the stage, drumming someone's head in a helmet, climbing on top of people, horn section out in the crowd, encores in other areas of the venue or walking through the crowd etc...

They just released a DVD (Mirroir Noir) which might shed some light on them if you manage to watch before the interview.

The best Arcade Fire show is one I never saw - they played at the Blacksheep just after Funeral was released and a friend had extra tickets. I turned them down because I associated them with Alexisonfire for some reason. Dammit.

What's the interview for???

What do they sound like?

They sound like their records, Funeral and Neon Bible. You should listen to them, even if it's not for interview research.

How big are they?

They are big. They can and do headline major festivals around the world.

Is there like a 'main' person in the band?

Win Butler is the main guy with his wife Regine being second in command.

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Ask them what it was like/what it meant to them to perform on Austin City Limits if you run out of ideas, easily one of the best things I have seen on that show. The crowd was incredibly engaged.

I instantly thought of the same thing. If you can get your hands on a copy of that show, you'll see what they're about. It was great.

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The best Arcade Fire show is one I never saw - they played at the Blacksheep just after Funeral was released and a friend had extra tickets. I turned them down because I associated them with Alexisonfire for some reason. Dammit.

Hey I was at that one! It was indeed an amazing show. I'd only heard a song or two at that point. I remember them playing for SO long and then saying that they didn't know any more songs so they would have to stop. It was pretty emotionally intense; I don't know if this was actually true or not but it looked to me like the Regine lady had tears coming down her face.

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wait....who's interviewing who? This looks like skanks getting interviewed ;)

Arcade Fire have an overwhelming amount of info all over the nets. Just finding a timeline somewhere would be fun to follow. There are a number of cool vids on YouTube (love the springsteen ones!).

good question from AD. Curious, are you being asked to talk about Arcade Fire?

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The new Bell Orchestre album is great. If you want to ask them about stuff related that here are a few points worth exploring:

- Album produced by John McEntire of Tortoise (I hear some of the tortoise-ness in the new album)

- Mike Feuerstack (Snailhouse) recorded with them this time, giving them a different sound palate.

- Pretty much all of them are in anther band (Snailhouse, Torngat, AF, Luyas) interesting to hear the influences from these different side-bands creeping into the Bell Orch music.

- They did a long residency at the Banff centre for the arts, which is where they got the name for the new album. Apparently that had a huge influence on their sound.

Personally I'd avoid the whole "how is this different from Arcade Fire?" bit. Worn the hell out.

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Did you get your signals crossed Todd? Why ask solely about Arcade Fire when you're interviewing Bell Orchestre?

I initially was rushed to research the interview, so I thought while I was checking out Bell Orchestre I'd see if y'all could summerize Arcade Fire for me.

The interview got pushed back to Tuesday, so I have plenty 'o time to research now.

Thanks for all the input everyone. Except ollie.

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