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Musictoday: Lost Ticket?! (I lost it)


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Did you tell them you lost it? That could be trouble.

I know in the past people have had tickets not show up and its always easy to re-issue and get at will call.

Go to teh music today portal and look at the bottom somewhere. There is an 800 or 888 number. They are friendly and helpful. Coran is a dead head. In fact, most of the time when I call they have the Dead as the hold music.


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talk about AMAZING customer service.

i called. a human picked up the phone, who could speak english, the first time.

he transferred me to ticket service. Rob, a manager, simply asked me for my receipt info, which I had, verified who I was, then cancelled the barcode on my lost ticket.

I now have a new one waiting for me at Willcall.


and woohoo MusicToday!

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geez aaron, i was talking with theresa, and she asked if we could do what i did...

i told her dready poodles like aaron have ruined it for all of us!

didn't you tell me they wouldn't ship to one of your addresses due to the amount of times you did that?

(awesome by the way!)

It'll probably be with the Will Call tickets.

Just print out all your shit and bring the music today phone numbers etc. Go early.

It'll work out.

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John Labatt Centre box office does not act as a "will call" boxoffice according to Natalie, the Box office Supervisor.

They told me only their own sales box office allows willcall sales. they told me john labatt centre does not even work with ticketmaster or any other ticket retailer.

I have musictoday head of cusomter relations calling Natalie Martin, box office supervisor right now...and musictoday is assuring me all will be worked out...

but maybe its just me...i have my doubts.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for following up. When we spoke earlier, I didn’t realize that you had purchased fan club tickets. In that case, it is very possible for Music Today to contact us with a replacement list. That hasn’t happened yet, and we likely won’t hear from them until later today once they’ve finalized other replacement issues. Once they’ve contacted the box office, I will confirm with you.


Natalie Martin

Box Office Supervisor

John Labatt Centre

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