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NHL Playoffs 2009


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Congrats to the Blues for getting back to the playoffs. They played most of the season without Kariya or McDonald and from the little I've seen them play, the kids like Oshie and Berglund really stepped up. They don't stand much of chance against SJ/Det but they should be a powerhouse in a few years.

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Prediction time?


Sharks over Ducks: Sharks too strong, despite good play of Anaheim over the past little while

Blue Jackets over Wings: Who doesn't like seeing the Wings get upset in the first round?

'Nucks over Blues: Luongo.

*Hakws over Flames: Who am I kidding? The Flames are toast and it will be fun to watch Keenan as the series gets uglier and uglier for the Flames.


Bos over Mon: realistically, you HAVE to pick the Beaners, but on the other hand, if the Habs steal a game in Boston, it's a new season, and given their past...

Rangers over Caps: What? One line never holds up in the playoffs (even though it's one helluva line). Rangers added some depth at the deadline, and who the crap does Washington have in net? Theodore? Please.

Devils over Canes: Should be a good series, could go either way, but I'll take the reliable choice.

Penguins over Philly: Im excited about this one. Philly can score, but Pittsburgh isn't in Quebec, sorry Biron.

* - changed my orig prediction

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For starters I for one do not like seeing the Red Wings lose at any point and I still have nightmares about 93 against the Sharks.....

Sharks over Ducks- Thornton and Setoguchi go wild

Wings over Jackets- but it'll take 6 cause we have no goalie with an ounce of confidence

Flames over Hawks- only because of Kipper, I love those young stars in the making!

Canucks over Blues- ditto on "Luongo"

Bruins over Habs- too much fire power, Tim Thomas has been really good, and to piss off Booche of course

Caps over Rangers- because I'd hate like hell to have to watch even one more boring Rangers game

Canes over Devils- Devils can't score and the Canes seem to be able to score at will

Penguins over Philly- toughest call to make, they can both score but I give the nod to the Pens and Marc Andre

The Wings have scared the shit out of me lately, and I can't see them making it past Round 2; the Sharks and Caps are strong but weak in net; watch out for the Canes and Nucks in my opinion.

I wouldnt' be too surprised to see a Bruins/ Nucks final when the dust settles.


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For starters I for one do not like seeing the Red Wings lose at any point and I still have nightmares about 93 against the Sharks.....

Funny, that is one of my all time favorite live sporting event memories, watching grown men cry after game seven as a thirteen year old will sum up Wing fans for the rest of my life.

Sharks over Ducks

Wings over Jackets

Hawks over Flames

Canucks over Blues

Bruins over Habs

Caps over Rangers

Devils over Canes

Penguins over Philly

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