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Phil Spector found guilty


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A jury in Los Angeles found music producer Phil Spector guilty of second-degree murder in the death of an actress who died in his California home.

Spector was charged with second-degree murder in the 2003 shooting death of Lana Clarkson, 40, who was found dead in a chair inside his home with a gunshot wound through the roof of her mouth.

Spector showed no reaction, but his young wife, Rachelle, sobbed as the verdict was read. His lawyer argued that he should remain free on bail pending the May 29 sentencing, but Judge Larry Paul Fidler remanded him to jail immediately.



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In his sentencing hearing, he was given 19 years: 15 for the murder, and 4 for the use of a handgun. He's in jail now, but has been allowed the use of a laptop computer and an iPod. Through Twitter, he's been sending out some strange updates as to what's been going on with him.

According to one of them, he has befriended a cockroach, and is playing air chess with him.

I'm naming him Wilson.




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A bald Phil Spector captured in new prison photo [updated]

12:03 PM | June 10, 2009


During his six-year odyssey through the L.A. criminal justice system, Phil Spector sported a range of hairstyles, including a gray Afro and a blond bob.

But this morning, the state corrections department released a photo showing how the legendary music producer appears without access to toupees, styling products or the talents of his wife, who styled his hair throughout his trials.

The photo was taken last week at North Kern State Prison, where Spector, 69, is beginning his sentence of 19 years to life for actress Lana Clarkson's murder.

[updated at 5:04 p.m.: Spector’s wife, Rachelle, was allowed to take a hairpiece to court for his sentencing last month. She said through her publicist: "They took my husband's freedom and dignity ... so why not his hair? This is a personal matter. But in case you don't know, they don't allow for much accessorizing while in prison."]

Check out the photo below of Spector in court.

-- Harriet Ryan



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