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2009 Playoff Pool... Enter by Thursday April 16 at 7pm...


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[color:blue]Sorry for not being around guys... I can run this again if anyone is interested. It's the same as last year.

* Each team will consist of 15 players. 10 Forwards 4 Defensemen 1 Team Goalie (YOU GET WHOEVER STARTS FOR THE TEAM).

* The players will be comprised from teams that make the 2009 playoffs.

* There is no draft, just submit a team of 15 players.


Goal = 1

Assist = 1

OT Winning Goal = 2

Goalie Win = 1

Goalie Shutout = 3

* I will accept entries until the puck drop of the first playoff game. If that is too soon I will accept entries until Thursday at 7:30pm April 16, 2009.

* Teams may have the same players so we will need a tie breaker. So along with your team please submit who you think will win the Cup and how many games it will take them to win.

Ex... Montreal 21 games

* The first tie breaker will be goals scored (not including OT bonus points)

* The Cup winner will be used if that is tied as well or if by some fluke two people have the exact same team. If neither team has the winner, the team that went furthest and closest to their games played will be the winner.


Bragging rights


You can email me at badams_b@sympatico.ca


Send me a PM on the site.

You can send your team anytime you want. There are no trades or waivers in this pool. Everyone starts with 15 players and that is it.

I will select my team by tomight. I will email it to anybody that request it so there is no way I can be persuaded to change my team by looking at others.

I will also use officepools again to tabulate our results.

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