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Any Change Management Experts Out There?


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Change management is a delicate topic in a field I like to call organizational engineering. It's actually a passion of mine because I have seen it implemented so poorly of numerous occasions that I want to practically specialize in it so I can show some old managers how it's done.

What kind of change are you trying to implement? Staffing? Strategy? Product? Innovation? The method used will vary based on what change you are trying to implement.

Always ask yourself the following questions:

- Who is the change going to impact?

- How might they react?

- What can be done to mitigate their reaction?

- What is your budget for mitigation?

Although some people handle change well, the majority of employees react poorly to change because they either feel threatened or think that the change is another meaningless gesture on the part of management. They key is to get their buy-in as to why the change is necessary and how they might personally benefit from the change.

That's where the plan comes into place.

My rates are reasonable if you want to hire me as a consultant. ;)

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