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dsl internet/phone providers?


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I am with primus, and they are pretty good - generally fast, no major tech problems -- well once in a while -- but their billing is pure crap. They bill me on a different day every month and twice now they have taken it a day or two early and the bank hit me with a NSF fee because I do all of my billing from a separate account that I keep just enough cash in for the bill payments!

It's not such a great deal anymore when you add a $40 NSF to the monthly bill..

Just wondering if there are any decent alternatives out there - I am getting local phone plus north american long distance plus high speed for $65+tax. It's a decent deal but I'm sick of their inept billing practices. Everyone else I deal with bills me on a specific calendar day-or later, None of this "surprise!" bullshit...

Is anyone getting similar services from someone else - someone better than bell, cogeco or primus?


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