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Tragically Hip - 1994


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The Tragically Hip
Live from the Vault
La Luna
Brussels, Belgium
Dec. 5, 1995

Stream the show!
This is how I really KNOW with the Hip. This is their breakout era for me. I am so blown away by their resilience. They are a fucking legend now. Go see them in Toronto if you the tix aren't gone already.

Other live releases available here.

Here are some live torrents...

Does anyone have any good Hip stories?

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i jist got this in the mail last week along with the new CD which I purchased along with tix for the NAC show. I definitely concur with your assessment. In the early 1990s I just couldn't get into them. Gord Downies voice bugged me. Even seeing them at whatever they called that festival tour that they did didn't convince me. But I eventually got them - around 1994-95. I vividly remember hearing courage in a cafe in Amsterdam in 1994 and enjoying the song. Missed several opportunities to see them in 89-90 when I was at grad school in Kingston. IIRC they played homecoming that year.

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I bummed a smoke off of Gord Downie one time. In 1995-ish I was working the artists gate at Another Road Side Attraction and let him in. I asked if he had a smoke. He said that he didn't smoke, but that he'd be right back.

He walks off to the stage, does a sound check, and walks back with a cigarette and lights it for me.

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We just missed playing hockey with them in Halifax, around 92 or 93. They rented the ice and borrowed some equipment from a friend of a friend. My friend called his friend a day too late and told us they were looking for some people to play with them.

The show that night was legendary in my mind. It was storming like a fucker out that night, real hurricane type shit and that really brought the band and the crowd together. Plus that orange blotter was so good. Which may explain why my friend forgot to call his friend. :content:

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Thanks for posting Bouche! Great to hear this.

I went to see The Hip in the Day for Night days in Syracuse at a Theatre. This was my band, I was maybe 16-17. I asked for an autograph from Downie and the guys after the show. I had a crazy embroidered hippy jacket with gold leaves all over it. Downie said "wicked jacket man" and signed "Enthusiasm conquers all" Gord Downie. Back then my first few attempts at singing were not good, I remember someone saying once "you will never be a singer,ever" but I always came back to what he wrote. I never forgot it for some reason.

Years later my band did a show with them. He was looking at his setlist backstage and said "I can't show you, too embarrassed". He said "My setlist has the chord changes for my guitar parts ...I am just learning". I had a "smoke" with him and then I went side stage and watched The Hip as they killed it! I thought .. what a fuckin guy.

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