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[archive] GTB 4-10-09 The Paramount, Moncton, NB


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Grand Theft Bus

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Paramount

Moncton, NB

Source: SP LSD2 (cardioids, XY @90) > Hydra XLRs > Oade ACM Marantz PMD660 (16bit/44.1khz)

Location: DFC, FOH, stand @ 10ft

Transfer: CF > USB 2.0 > Sound Studio 3 > xACT > .flac

Taped & Transferred by: Adam H

Disc 1

01. unknown

02. Smell the Roses

03. Optional Collage

04. Methuo

05. Stretch

06. Mannequin

07. Never Can Tell

08. Boltneck

09. Silence

10. Streetsleeper

11. Something Medicinal

12. Chinese New Year

13. Ol' Guiseppe

14. Weight of Circumstance

15. Oma

Disc 2

01. crowd

02. E: I Guess Not I Guess

Notes: DJ Bones and Snailhouse opened the show. There is audio cut between tracks 10 and 11 because the band had brief technical difficulties. You might notice the rough transition.

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