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To whom did I loan my "Slash" autobiography?


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I know I've posted this before, but, I did a search (several, actually) and couldn't find my previous queries in this regard...

To whom did I loan my "Slash" autobiography? It was someone here...I think I know who it was, but I must have deleted the old PMs.

And I know I had dropped it with one person at a gig and they were delivering it to the person in question.

This was Jan '08.

I really want that book back. I want to read it again. And I have other friends who'd like to borrow it, too.

I'm hoping bookarma will bring it back.

Sorry to keep posting the same thing. I am just really hoping for a response this time.

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I've read mine a couple times. Good book for sure, hope you get it back. I've never ever had any book I've lent out returned to me. General rule being that I know if I'm lending it out that I'm really just giving it away. It takes people so long to read a book sometimes that I just forget who has it and they seem to forget they borrowed it just as fast. It's sad.

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