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Free The Dead


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I dunno if you guys are soundboard nerds like me but I've got some Dead and thought I might share for any of those who aren't fortunate enough to get to see them live this tour like myself.

I have their shows from the 12th,14th,17th and 18th.

I'll put up 1 full set(either 1st or 2nd set not a full show) on sendspace to the first person to make a request.

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How should I make said request? Do you consider this my request?

What is your favorite?

I have no problem with it since there is no way in hell I was going to pay for any of those shows but the second set of the 17th is quite intriguing to me......unless it sucks.

It's crafted beautifully for my tastes.

Can you upload the 2nd set of the 17th? ;)

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Sorry I could not fit the encore due to size. Still there is a good hearty set of music here.


Set II:

Viola Lee Blues


The Other One



Comes a Time

Unbroken Chain

Throwing Stones

Warren singing Comes A Time is the highlight of the set for me. Solid jam in Viola Lee as well.

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