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Your Favorite PG Movies


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As some of you may know, I organize community outdoor movies throughout the summer. This year I'd like to have a complete calendar prepared in advance for ease of marketing. I therefore need to make my movie selections now.

So what movies are your all-time favorites? They can be old or new, but have to be G or PG.

Last year we did:

11th hour


Back to the Future

This year I need 4 movies. I'm thinking of this one:


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I second Finding Nemo and the animated version of The Iron Giant (Jennifer Aniston voices the mother)

Really, any of the Pixar stuff is quite suberb, both visually and in terms of story line.

Also, I take umbrage, as a parent of the "PG crowd", in being maligned as someone who can't take a good vibrator joke. In fact, Moms and tweens should always vibe-shop together, simply to take advantage of the rad "2-fer" discount offered, in my humble opinion.


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