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Anyone go to Flight of the Conchords last night in TO?

Hal Johnson

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fuck that was a funny song. how'd it go? synopsis: 3 grown men watch a cricket shed it's skin on a log only to be eaten by a lizard 30 seconds later.

Based on a true story?

haha, yeah. took a break from jammin' with Tricky and Hal and i noticed a cricket shedding it's skin in Tricky's son's lizard tank. the lizard took notice too and so we wrote a song about the lizard waiting for the cricket to shed it's skin so he could have a nice chewy meal without all the skin....i think he was watching his weight.

i need to send it to the Conchords.

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Just got back from tonight's show. Quite enjoyable

My personal highlight was directly after I screamed Free bird.. and the conchords played it!

That's frickin' awesome!

Hal has a 20 minute or more version of a combo tune called "Stairway to Freebird"...that also frickin' awesome!

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I was there last night. Good times, though some songs go over better in the show than live. The encore songs kinda sucked too. Not funny.

The best parts were when they were improving and interacting with the audience.

Eugene Merman was the opener, and he was fuckin hilarious. I actually laughed more during his opening set than during the Conchords.

All in all, a great show.

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