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Roll Call: Hates BJ Ryan


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I think my feelings are known. Hated him since the day he put on a Jays uniform.

Does anyone know what this guy's contract is like? I do know he is eating up a TON of money that the Jays could use to pick up a starter.

He has more blown saves now than actual saves. Unheard of.

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i can't spell.
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He is our HIGHEST paid player.


Really? I knew he signed a big deal' date=' but I would think that Vernon earns much more than him.


Actually, looks like I was looking at an out of date list.

According to ESPN:

Top 10:

1. Roy Halladay 14,250,000

2. B.J. Ryan 12,000,000

3. Scott Rolen 11,625,000

4. Lyle Overbay 7,950,000

5. Alex Rios 6,400,000

6. Vernon Wells 4,687,500

7. Scott Downs 3,750,000

8. Aaron Hill 2,590,000

9. Rod Barajas 2,500,000

10. Jose Bautista 2,400,000

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