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THANKS FOR Hyper Funk Cube Contest Support - I will know mid JUNE!

Jay Funk Dawg

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Hey folks...

I've just been invited to be a part of a strange opportunity that I thought I would share with you.

I entered this contest a couple weeks ago to win a Hypercube car by Nissan. I'm just getting started but, I'm one of 500 people who will win 50 Cubes - basically 1/10 chance of winning - but actually now that I'm late getting out of the gate - I see that there are some crazy web savvy people out there vying for these vehicles and I'm not going to win without a fight to the end. not sure If want to spend that much time and energy but I think I do have a compelling story to tell and why I possibly deserve to have one of their cars. Namely when my beloved VW BUS Burnt to the ground.

Remember this doozy of a picture:


This vehicle used to take me to all the summer festivals and gigs with reggae, world beat at rock bands. This van's been coast to coast to coast - but it's demise was premature ~ it was very much a freak situation that the van caught fire and burned to the ground!

Basically I'm thinking this:


I'm finding out that it's pretty much going to be a full time job between now and then to make it to the top 50! !! I'd have to hire some graphic designers, come up with some crafty flash and then promote the living hell out of it to win - but a new Van could really help this guy!! :)

Here's the site: http://www.hypercube.ca

Here's my ghetto "canvas"


any suggestions here???!!!

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Hey Y'all

I'm sorry not to have given you all an update to what happened to me and the Irie Band. (skip down below to the Burnt VW photo if you've already heard the van on fire part).

Here's how the accident all went down:

It was day two of the Irie Band tour and just after passing through Montreal we changed drivers. I had been hustlin' for the past couple of days to get all the details ready for our tour, we had done a series of tour fundraisers & gigs to afford to make the trip together... and I thought I had everything together for a successful tour. I leveraged almost every resource I had to make this tour possible .

I was totally under the weather by the time we left - I drove for the first 15 hrs of the trip - we make lots of stops to give the van some rest. We changed drivers just outside of Montreal, and I got into the back to sleep as I was sick, exhausted and had a migrane.

The guys pulled over in a small town in Eastern Quebec - probably 4 hours after we changed drivers, just as we stopped, people started to point as us - there was black smoke pouring out of the back of the van, we immediately got out and tried to stop the fire that was happening underneath the engine - i saw gasoline pouring out - within a couple of minutes the entire van was in flames - burning everything - it all happened so fast - by the time we stoped fighting the flames - it was too late to recover anything in the van.

The police and firemen arrived about 15mins after the fire has started and fought the flames for about 30mins. Everything we owned: guitars/amps/clothes/slee ping bags/tents/merch/cellphon es/CDs burned to the ground... there was little to nothing left that was salvage-able... Just as the firemen were pulling pieces of debris from the van, they pulled out the remenance of the Gibson 335 - it was the only thing that was recognizable - it must have some tough fire resistant paint!

The VW van was very well maintained and prepared for the tour, it was a freak situation that lead to the disaster. I believe the driver of the vehicle at the time did not see the check engine light or the rising oil temperature gauge - by the time he realized that something was fishy it was too late. It was a crazy hot day and I believe that contributed to our accident. Being in the back sleeping I didn't notice anything strange until I woke up just moments before we pulled over, if we didn't pull over at just that second, we could have had a fire while driving on the highway and been in a crazier accident! Also if we would have stopped the van right by a gas station we would have definitely took it down with us.

Only a hour after the fire had died down the cops took the vehicle away and I was left with nothing - not even shoes on my feet. All we could say to each other is - "We are thankful for being alive"

Here's the list of stuff we lost:

Irie Band Merch CD, t-shirts, stickers

Gibson ES335 guitar w/case

2 Fender Stratocaster w/case

Fender bass guitar w/case

boss me50 guitar processor

Stagemaster roadcase

Fender hotrod deluxe guitar amplifier

Drum cymbals w/softcase and stick bag

Guitar accessories cords, straps, power etc

7 - Boss guitar foot petals effects

Yamaha Acoustic guitar

Brass Piccolo snare drum

'85 VW Bus

Hiptop Computer Phone

Camping Supplies / Tents / Sleeping Bags


& Clothes

After the fire in the vehicle, I was still determined to make it to Evolve. We first stayed the night in Quebec and in the morning I rented us a car to keep the show rollin forward. We stoped at Walmart and picked up some clothes and shoes and hit the road - bewildered. We played in Fredericton with a great band called "Dub Antenna" - who were very generous to let us use their equipment. On to Saint John - our show was cancelled, but the promoter put us up in a nice hotel and lent us some guitars and effects that proved to be very handy at Evolve. Thanks Ozzie!

While at the hotel, I was making lots of phone calls to land the Irie Band some tents & sleeping bags - in the midst of using the pay phones, I must have left my wallet on the top of a phone. I returned to my room and realized that I didn't have my wallet with me... running back to the phone 10 mins later, the wallet was no place to be found - now I had no money, ID or access to money. How did my luck end up so bad?

The show must go on!

We finally made it to Evolve and got to play 2 sets. It was nerve-wracking playing with some limited effects, different amps - but mostly it was our lead singer Steve who was rattled and in a crazy bad mood - he refused to speak between songs on our first set - we headled the Mainstage on Saturday at 5pm and upon King Sunshine's Charlie Findley joining us for a couple songs, Steve pouted off stage. "Finish the set without me!" he said. We played some nice latin High Plains Drifter material and I had the crowd cheer like mad to get (not so) Irie Steve back on stage for our finalie - a heady version of Exodus.

heres' some pictures:

Dropsi singing his song "Inhalin'"

Irie Steve being not so Irie

Jay feelin' the note

King Sunshine's Charlie Findley sits in for some High Plains Drifter songs

Colin playing some High Plains Drifter songs.

That evening I had to leave to a wedding in Antigonish - It was the wedding of a friend from University who was also the daughter of my father's room mate in University. So it was lucky that my parents got to come and check out Evolve - they had heard me talking about it for the past 8 years, it was great for them to experience the real thing with me. I think they were very impressed with the event, it was very clean and the weather was awesome.

The next morning Irie Band played an early set to wake the crowd ~ Irie Steve was in a much better mood and really reached out to the audience to tell them what we had been through.

Grassroots Deviation lent us their equipment and pedals and I thought we sounded much better than the day before. They played right after us and were very nice.

Evolve was great this year! Review to come!

The Evolve acts were great - Keller Williams, Kid Beyond, Do Say Make Think, That One Guy, Slowcoaster, Carmen Townsend, Holy fuÇk, DJ Heather were big highlights.


So now the adventure home!! Luckily my parents were able to take Irie Steve and Colin home immediately after the show, Dropsi and I had a hell of a time getting back home - we drove firstly back to the rental location in Quebec, found out we missed the last bus, so we took an hour long cab ride to Quebec City, where we again missed the bus to Toronto, instead we got to Montreal, had to stay the night - shacking up in a sleazy motel called "EUREKA" - and taking the bus to Toronto in the morning.

It was at that point that I was contemplating cancelling my trip out west to Shambhala Festival - but I had already paid for my plane ticket, I have rides to the festival and a free ticket for the event line-up. It was a great excuse to run away from my problems for another couple of days.

Shambhala was great... I'll post a review sometime soon... but now I am trying to deal with the aftermath of losing my wheels, my instruments, my cell phone - this was an accident that will forever change who I am - it's a sign to make some serious changes in my life - I'm going to pull through the best I can, I'm scarred as hell - this event was a financial disaster and I think that I am going to have to put down my musical ambitions for awhile and rethink what the new direction of my life will lead me. I have a couple of shows & musical projects in the works, I don't think I will have the enthusiasm or resources to promote as many events I have done in the past. I'd live to thank everyone for reading my story and thanks those who have supported me in the past - it has been a good run.

There will be some Irie Band benefit - I'm unsure if I will be a part of it - details to come on that.

much love to the jambands.ca community.

Jay Cleary


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