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Ding dong my witch is dead!


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Which old witch?

The crazy asshole that's been living next door for almost a year. I think the dude was crazy and potentially dangerous and he really put a negative vibe on the cool little neighborhood that we have here around 40 Main. He finally got kicked out yesterday, and had his unlicensed vehicle towed. It cost my landlord $6,000 plus $7,000 in rent, but it's over. I'm so glad he got the boot before bbq season got into high gear.


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Good news there Todd. I hate stupid neighbors, and I have one right now........ Any tips on how to get it through to my old witch that parking on city streets is legal provided you follow the by laws? She has her son the cop sitting behind my vehicle from time to time and he follows me through three lights- I guess to check if I follow the rules.

Oh yeah I have no driveway and the street is the only option- and she would like the street "kept clear in case her friends visit"- which I have yet to see in 10 months.....

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