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Should I have another beer?


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'The world's only male synchronised swimmer is fighting international rules that have banned him from competing at London's 2012 Olympic Games. Niklas Stoepel, 17, is one of Germany's top youth synchro-swimmers and the only boy in his high school team of girls in Wattenscheid. But swimming's international ruling body FINA has banned him from representing his country and refused to allow him to compete overseas. "FINA rejected the request. I believe that officials just don't want to see any men in this sport," said Niklas, who shaves his legs and wears women's costumes covered in sequins. "You can already sense that at the national level, many of the judges are more strict in their scoring of me than they are with my female competitors. It's not fair - but I haven't given up my dream of one day competing in an international championship," he added' - Ananova.

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did this have something to do with hockey originally?

no it was something like this......

Guide to Woman and Boar Sex

I am keenly interested in that kind of fun. I have researched how a male pig (or boar) functions during sex. I have been around mating pigs in my youth. Unfortunately, I don't own any animals at this time as I live in town now. However, I believe I can inform you enough that you can have a highly enjoyable and erotic experience.

First, you should know that a breeding boar, one that is used all the time for sows, is not for you. They become very aggressive and can easily injure you. You really should think about one of the smaller breeds that normally doesn't go over 250 pounds, or so. You should get a male piglet and hand raise it so that it is your pet. Pigs are smarter than dogs and train easy since they are extremely food oriented........

Having a special pig that is kept away from other farm animals and is kept in very clean conditions is a real good idea. Pigs like to be clean if given the chance. Did you ever see the Green Acres TV show? The pig on that show is a good example of how well a pig can fit into peoples' lives.


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