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Hillside Festival 2009

July 24-26, 2009

Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

Time to get organized folks. Tickets go on sale THIS Saturday, May 2nd, 10am and weekend passes sell out fast!

Tickets are for sale in Guelph, Kitchener, Toronto or by phone & internet.

Buying in Guelph from the Hillside office is your best bet but come early and bring cash (they do accept plastic but cash get you through faster).

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Typically the festival sells out without the lineup being announced yet or scant details available. It's all based on the strength of Sam Baijal the Artistic Director's past bookings and his network of talent and promoters in Canada. That and a few paid staff, a board and about 1400 volunteers.

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How about just guessing. Like for sure Thunderheist is playing (don't think they played last year), Lubo Alexandrov told me Kaba Horo (which is an amazing group) is also playing. I haven't stayed that tuned to Canadian indie rock this year but you can bet Woodhands will be on the bill, maybe DD/MM/YYYY (both produced by Weirdness and my old buddy Roger Leavens). Probably $100 and Flash Lightnin' will be in there as well.

What else... alot of the picks are usually pretty obvious also Calgary, Edmonton Folk and I think Halifax Jazz Fest do some group buying that they met about likely a few months back. I'm a bit slow on the uptake but on the basis of some of this logic it's usually able to guess at least a handful of acts. What do others think?

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FYI Thunderheist did play last year. Ask Tungsten...

How would I know? I didn't see anything that wasn't happening in my head that afternoon....hehehe

...but point of note they also played at Hillside Inside so doubtful again this summer. I'd look at some of the Hillside Inside lineup that hasn't played the summer fest in recent years (K'naan, Great Lake Swimmers, D'urbervilles) as suggestions...

And yeah - Monsieur Tonin is right, it's easier to have and get rid of then just plain not have tix.

Soooo...that being said, Run with the Kittens is playing on Friday night in Guelph, makes for a great night before standing in line if anyone is interested!!

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my understanding is that some of the hillside insiders will be back in the summer. i also understand that a couple other big names are still to be announced.

as far as getting tix, they will be selling them online at ticketpro.ca and in person in downtown guelph at their offices at 123 Woolwich Street (corner of eramosa/wyndham/woolwich) at 10am.

as well as a very limited number at:

Encore Records, Kitchener

54 Queen Street South


Soundscapes, Toronto

572 College Street

yes, these will go fast. long gone are the days when you could decide the week of. :) the best bet may be to line up in person at the offices by 8:30 on saturday morning.

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Not sure about that date Eric, I think the Kittens are looking to play in TO on the 24th of July.....
Run with the Kittens is playing on Friday night in Guelph, makes for a great night before standing in line if anyone is interested!!

Pretty sure Eric meant this coming Friday, the day before you stand in line to get tickets for Hillside.

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I'm still curious about people's predictions. Like it occured to me The Magic which is the Gordon brothers (Salt Lick Kids, Barmitzvah Brothers etc. etc.) and Sylvie (sic?) from Habitat. They had big buzz about them and even I think Radiohead's label sniffing about but they're sort of in a holding pattern. They're - especially the Gordons and their Papa are so Guelph through the Family Thrift Store it's not even funny.

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One of my guesses is Serena Ryder. Her latest album is getting way more press than I would have ever anticipated. A visit to her mySpace revealed that she is playing in Elora on the Thursday and Peterborough on the Saturday so a Friday appearance at Hillside wouldn't surprise me.

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