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Starbucks logo controversy = stupid, stupid people


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  • 2 weeks later...

Too bad that stories like this make the 'boycott Irael' movement seem unimportant to enough people that could make a difference by looking into the products they're buying.

Naomi Klein:

NK: First of all, Israel has received all carrots all the time, and introducing any sticks at all would represent real progress. Also I think BDS does embody the future, because it says that Palestinian lives matter deeply. There is such an asymmetry of outrage on this issue—the uproar about Israeli universities facing a boycott at the same time as Palestinian schools and universities are being bombed, for instance. When we treat Israeli war crimes as deserving of international sanction, we are rejecting this double standard and embodying the future we want, which is a future of genuine equality./quote]

Boycott Israel...or not?

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