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Kelp Records 15th Anniversary Weekend!


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Hope all the Ottawa folk can make it out and support the fine institution that is Kelp Records. There are plenty of events happening this weekend - something for everyone's tastes, time, and budget. There will shows, foods, art, money-raising-for-charity, and a ton of drinking.



Mayfair Theatre (1074 Bank)

The Acorn

Jim Bryson

Anders Parker



Kelp 15 Art Show

WIP Gallery (73 Preston @ Elm)

Piet Masone

Andrew Vincent (solo)


Elmdale Tavern (1084 Wellington)

Camp Radio

Andrew Vincent

Andy Swan

Micarza Camaro


Raw Sugar (692 Somerset)

DJ Geoff Brown + special guests



Steve Vardy Pulled Pork Party!

Carleton Tavern (223 Armstrong)

w/ Chris Page

Yellow Jacket Avenger

Centretown Cripplers


Gluepot Pub (340 Queen)

Nutsak (members of The American Devices)

The Flaps

Flecton Big Sky


Weekend passes are now $15, good for entry to Friday and Saturday night events (please note that Thursday Acorn/Bryson/AP tickets are sold separately and not included in the weekend pass; day shows and art show are free). A limited number of Friday and Saturday night tickets will be available first come first serve at the door for $10.

Get tickets at Sounds Unlikely, End Hits, Compact Music, Vertigo, ticketweb.ca and at kelprecords.com (starting Friday....kelprecords.com purchases come with a FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD!)

BTW- Awesome poster art by new BFF Douglas Wilkinson.

- Jim Bryson is flying back from his new job as Tragically Hip keyboardman (wha?!?- look: http://tinyurl.com/cxnofj) to play a duo set with Jake Bryce as this show will serve as THE LAUNCH for his new live album "Live at First Baptist Church" (more on this below). The Acorn fly to the UK the day after this rare Ottawa show to continue their British quest for perfect teeth. Anders Parker (a hero of mine in his Varnaline/Space Needle days) is playing his first show ever in Ottawa. The Mayfair Theatre has cozy seats and sounds lovely inside. This is going to be legend!

- We are now offering the "Mayfair/Hoffenheimer" package for $25 (http://www.kelprecords.com/kelp15) to celebrate the reissue of Hoffenheimer's "Frieren." Years before the Acorn, there was also a quiet, snowy, sullen recording session in early 2001 at Greenfield Main that Rolf (Klaus Heimer) and Jon B. (Gustav Hoffen) did afterhours when the roommates were asleep. The resulting recordings were available on very limited handmade CD-Rs and eventually sold out. These sessions were recently remastered by Jarrett Bartlett and are now again available in MP3 format through kelprecords.com. Read the 2001 Exclaim review of "Frieren" here: http:tinyurl.com/cmxhaw

- Daniel Lohnes is launching his new WIP gallery space with the KELP 15 Art Show on Friday May 1 at 6pm. This early evening shindig will be a look back at Kelp-related poster/album art, photographs, merchandise and other souvenirs of days gone by. Some items will be for sale, including limited edition prints of the great poster for KELP 15 done by Douglas Wilkinson/Daniel Lohnes. Forget supper- the art show will feature charcuterie action from the folks at Murray Street, Art-is-in breadage and some fine Beau's. Andrew Vincent will play a solo set, as will Piet Masone (Turkus). Only idiots would miss this awesomeness.

- This year's charity is The Ride to Conquer Cancer. More specifically, our pals Liz McDermott and Matt Rose are part of a biking squad called Diff'rent Spokes that are riding from Toronto to Niagara Falls in June in a quest to raise over $37k towards cancer research. Liz and Matt met with me a month ago with the most innovative Kelp charity idea yet: they have pledged to show up to EVERY event during the weekend with a stationary bike and ride during the shows! They personally guaranteed me that someone would ALWAYS be on the bike, whether it was Liz, Matt, or someone else paying for some bike time. The bike will ride nonstop! Please support this great cause and watch them sweat to the rock. Visit Team Diff'rent Strokes site: http://tinyurl.com/cch9vc

- Yes, Vardy is returning in his role as meatman with pulled pork sandwiches on Saturday afternoon at the Carleton Tavern. Starve thyselves!

- Geoff Brown is going to take Friday night into oblivion at Raw Sugar, DJing after 1am. There will be special guests. Have a Red Bull and stay up with us.


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Looks like a lot of good events! I'd love to go to the Thursday show but instead I'm going to a free show that's part of BC Scene -- broke and unemployed, gotta watch the spending. Looking forward to the Acorn at WestFest. I'll hopefully make it out to either the Elmdale show or the pulled pork sandwiches though.

The Sadies are this Sunday too!

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Judging solely on the non-response to this thread I am thinking that not many will be attending any of these shows.

But in case you like seeing and supporting amazing local (and not-so-local) talent, here's a reminder that Kelp 15 begins tonight at the Mayfair.

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You all missed a stunning show last night. It was packed with awesome people, beer was cheap and plentiful, sound was great, venue was so comfortable, musicians were fantastic....

Photos here

The Mayfair is an amazing space for a show, I hope they book music nights once a month or so.

Kelp weekend continues tonight at the Elmdale!

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