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Hampton Drug Busts?


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I have nothing to offer aside from the common knowledge that Virginia and North Carolina were/are(still by the looks of it?) notorious for busting heads.

Charolette Coliseum in 1995 was unlike anything I have ever seen and hopefully wont ever again. Daveyboy got some pics of a van being taken down and I still cant believe he walked away from those unscathed. Obviously the fuzz had more important things to deal with during those moments but had one noticed.....god knows what would have happened aside from me going into my pockets trying to swallow what little I had before a nightstick got jammed into my Adam's Apple.

Newspaper articles showed pictures of the DEA on bridges scouting for people driving into the city. Driving out from each of the three shows was insanity. It was as if every block had a separate ride program. Rumours of mini-courts underneath the arena were everywhere. From what we were told at times it was first-hand knowledge from kids own brothers who had been busted. Nothing compared to this from what I had seen prior or since.

Total police state.

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