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Mexico to legalize drug possession


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I just saw this huge thing on national US television news about how allowing California to produce it's own marijuana, has had an strong impact on marijuana trafficking at the US/Mexico border. Basically less violence and illegal trade for marijuana between US & Mexico.

The show was really graphic about grow-ops and the lead interviewee was considered the "playboy" photographer of the marijuana movement - he takes some of the most tasty picture of bud you've ever seen.

Yes for Legalization! Pot Smokers are not criminals!

come to the freedom festival this Saturday!!

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There was a really cool piece on the cbc yesterday regarding this issue. They were looking at the Portuguese experience as they "decriminalized" all personal drugs from pot -> heroine about 10 years ago. Its been INCREDIBLY effective. They now have a very manageable and healthy system to deal with drug problems.

As an aside - don't hold your breath for "legalization". One of the things under discussion was the difference between decriminalization and legalization. Canada and a bunch of other signatory countries are not able to legalize without contravening international law. Decriminalization is perfectly possible and a hell of a good first step...

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