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I'd like to know about your drinking habits


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This might be bordering on the spammy, but we've put a fair amount of work into a 'top secret' project over the last year or so and are in a critical data-collection phase. We have a couple pilot locations lined up and need to move out of the data-collection phase into the Rock Your Effing World phase.

There is a link to a survey below, and it only takes a couple of minutes. As enticement, there is a $50 gift certificate prize to the Drake Hotel or the Kalendar Bistro. That's not going to be too enticing for all you Ottawa folk, who I think make up the majority of this board, but not so bad for all you GTA and SoOn peeps.

If you've got a couple minutes to kill on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a boring Monday day-at-work, you'd make this scanc very happy by participating.

Survey. It's fun!


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