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Hand Made Electronic Music


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Just started reading "Hand Made Electronic Music" by Nicolas Collins. All about hardware hacking and interesting way to manipulate hardware to make a variety of interesting songs and custom instruments.


Thought I'd let you all know!

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Somewhat similar.

The writer discussed using telephone coil pickups to monitor electromagnetic sounds. Also went into depth about how early electronic musicians programmed giant servers to output electromagnetic fields at certain frequencies and intervals to essentially create music.

This book is really something else though. So far each chapter has been a different project, with full parts guide. The writer walks you through how to assemble and use the variety of hand made electronic music tools, as well as discussion of basic theory of why it is creating these sounds. The thing I am currently enjoying the most with this book is that it is teaching electronics through how it sounds, not how the board looks. Blowing my fragile mind with sonic goodness!

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