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Foie Gras


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Well that's really too bad. You're absolutely right Dinghy, chickens are treated far worse. If you want to protest animal cruelty focus on the big picture and the big guys, not an independantly owned restaraunt.

I love fois gras. It's one of life's indulgent pleasures. I seek it out on menus and gravitate towards restaraunts that serve it. I understand why Bekta would remove it to avoid harassment, but they certainly shouldn't have had to. Shame.

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I'm willing to participate in a counter-protest against the Animal Defense League.

Would you be willing to have a tube shoved down your throat, to allow us to force-feed you to the point where your liver becomes delicious engorged? Because if you could do that, and honestly report that it wasn't that big a deal, it'd take a lot of the wind out of ADL's sails.

And there'd also be some yummy snacks for the victory party.




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that may be the most biased article I've read in the last....... few days.

the writer obviously gets starry eyed with 'celebrated restaurateurs' and makes her feelings known about the [shady] protester 'who is from "out West"" then needlessly name drops at the end— apropos of nothing– "prime minister's exiting strategy chief, Patrick Muttart"

that said foie gras is a very ugly side of the fine dining industry

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I love animals but the reality is, as a meat eater, damn near every animal I eat lives a shitty life and is killed in a shitty way. I'm not going to catagorize what animal cruelty is better than another kind of animal cruelty.

What's the difference if I eat a cow, a chicken, a duck, fois gras or farmed fish for that matter?

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the difference is that the other animals you list don't get tubes shoved down their throat, & aren't force-fed to the point where their liver become engorged

you have a choice to buy free range chickens whose life i would imagine are far far faaaaaaaar better than those foie gras geese

What do you say to dinghy's first comment in this thread about foie gras ducks being treated better overall?

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Is it ok to be evil and inhumane to other humans because you don't believe the same thing?

I don't think so. There are other, more peaceful ways to save the ducks....or is this about saving ducks? I don't even know.

I fucking love liver paté and I have no idea if anything cruel happens before it hits my knife. It's not foie gras, but it's delicious. I don't look for foie gras, and in fact, the only times I've had it was because it was part of my fine fine meal that the chef was preparing (always in Québec eh!)

I know that as a society, we will prosper and go on without foie gras. But being dicks about it isn't really the answer.

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Ron Eade (Citizen food writer and blogger) also stopped fellating chefs and farmers for a few moments to churn out some drivel about foie gras.

His blog post from yesterday and reprinted article from 2007 is here

I wrote a reply to his piece; it's on that same page down at the bottom.

Decent article / post, yet I can't find how producers explain how a duck wanting food because it is hungry is the same as a duck wanting to be force-fed. Just because I am hungry doesn't mean I will relinquish control of how much food I consume or when I consume it. I imagine it's the same for any living creature.

Interestingly, your blog post and the article from 2007 do not contain any information from the protesters or even less "shrieking" sources of information that might have an opinion contrary to yours or the farmers and chefs quoted. Your language (and a petty insult about spelling that doesn't make any sense here - is there more to that than you reported?) makes it clear that you are not at all interested in another side of the issue. Balance is important, and it is definitely lacking in this piece of writing.

I am no vigilante or animal rights activist - I am a reader who thinks the practise is disgusting and inhumane. Good on the chefs who have decided to stop serving foie gras. I hope many others follow in their acclaimed footsteps.

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IMHO opinion, if you are against the force feeding of ducks. You should go vegan.

You can't complain about one thing being inhumane, especially while eating that rack of lamb, or veal parmigiana. You'd probably have a glass of milk to go with it, and maybe some eggs for breakfast the next morning.

I'd like to see any one of you be able to prove that all the food you eat comes from a free range animal that doesn't suffer.

Sure that cow walks around the pasture, having a grand time, only to have it's calf snatched away and slaughter, so I can have my favourite meal.

mmmmmm...baby cow....

It all ends in death. Probably the most inhumane thing of it all.

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I was inhumane today at work. I told another guy to "REEEEEEEEEEEEELAAAAAAAAAX!!!!"

He was all up in my face, so as he got off the bus I flicked the switch to the outside loudspeaker.

Into the mic


Drove away, only later to notice my loudspeaker outside wasn't working. Man was I pissed.

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I wrote a reply to Ron Eade's reply to my original reply to his original post. Hehe. It hasn't been published yet and I don't know if it will be.

You replied, "So, I assume you have visited the facilities you object to? Or, is your info. all from the internet and/or handouts? What have you done personally to educate yourself?" (I was hoping you'd reply to my points rather than just asking questions, but hey, it's your blog.)

No, I have not visited the facilities I object to. It's not a 'facility' I object to - it's the practise of gavage. This is common to all facilities that produce foie gras.

That said, I don't need to witness something in person to object to it. Neither do you - it seems you object to anyone who objects to foie gras without finding a need to enquire deeper. I would have expected you to interview or quote at least one person with a contrary position to yours in the name of balance. It needn't have been a 'shrieking bully' either - I'm sure there are chefs, other restaurant industry workers, scientists and scholars (not to mention ordinary people) who would have gladly spoken to you about this practise.

With regard to your question to me about finding my information on the Internet and handouts - I've never talked with or taken a handout from an ADL or any other action group representative. Indeed, in this case all I need to know was presented in your article and one from your colleague about Beckta. The rest is an opinion I've always held.

I realize animals ultimately die to go on our plates - fine. But gavage and veal are two cases where the animal is treated with such contempt while alive that I cannot stomach the results or the idea.

If your 'inconvenient truth' about foie gras is so solid, why antagonize the opposing side so completely? It cheapens your argument, much like the actions of the ADL outside Domus cheapens theirs.

It's your blog and ultimately your opinion; readers expect your opinions to be informed however. You seem very informed on the opinion of a few chefs and a farm, yet you ignore any other side of the issue.

Thanks for replying - hope you have time to reply to me this time or to respond to any other of the excellent responses to your post. Cheers.

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