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Star Trek.


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yeah pretty damn good. The only cast member that didn't do much for me was Chris Pine the new/old Kirk. Quinto as Spock had some great nuances as JJ Abrams remarked on Colbert he noticed little things in editing he hadn't caught the first time around. It was great that Bones was the closest thing to an homage or imitation but right on point. The whole ensemble really worked the action was phenomenal and the updating of the technology and equipment in keeping with the alternate timeline was amazing.

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Ms.hux actually came with me to see Star Trek! She had never seen anything other than ST:Voyager and as far as I know, she enjoyed the movie. No wonder it's doing so well.

I was laughing at all the mccoy/spock gags and sorta made chuckle friends with the strangers on my right because they caught all the same star trek references.

I was quite amazed at how little they pushed the original and allowed trek fans to enjoy the humour and connections without distracting from the movie. I mean, come on.... Christopher Pike? I had no idea that they would role the original pilot storyline into this movie. That was seriously killer to also see how he would eventually end up in the space-wheelchair.

That was seriously one of the best sci-fi movies that I've seen in a VERY long time. I hope they continue.

I did enjoy chris pine's role quite a bit. He reminded me more of an Indiana Jones character. In fact, if you think about it, the entire movie was very Raider of the Lost Ark-ish. A very action oriented opening, then backstory and eventually the momentum that propels every character into their place in history.


on another note, i was impressed to see Zachary untype-cast himself from Sylar. I didn't even ONCE see his heroes character in spock. Good thing.

Here's a link to the pilot of the original Star Trek

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Good to hear about the cast signing on for two more. Curious where Abrams stands. He signed a HUGE contract with the studio a few years ago presumably this falls under that arrangement. I could see him bailing after another one for some reason- just as likely that he'll stay for the ride.

I've found myself saying to friends that it was better than any of the new Star Wars movies which is a bit of a ballsy proposition comparing Lucas to Abrams but I think he really knocked it out of the park.

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I wouldn't call Abrams "unproven," although he hasn't proven - until now - success on the big screen; but he's got a proven track-record on TV with the success of Alias, Lost and Fringe.

I love that Canadian movie vet Bruce Greenwood was cast as Pike. He's an admirer of the late Jeffrey Hunter (The Searchers, King of Kings, Sergeant Rutledge and The Longest Day), who played the original Pike in the excellent Star Trek pilot. Shocking that bradm hasn't beamed into this thread.

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Just ballsy comparing Lucas to a still relatively unproven talent like Abrams.

Also geeks in the house... what's the significance of Pike in the wheelchair is that from the original two episode arc he appeared in the old series.

Extra cool thing is, that since Pike's wheelchair was already explained when the original series revisited the Pike storyline.

He is severely injured while rescuing several cadets from a battle plate rupture onboard a J-class training vessel, the delta ray radiation leaving him paralyzed, mute, badly scarred, and confined to a wheelchair at Starbase 11.

Also since Kirk's history is a little different, which is explained by spock regarding his dead father, it appears that J.J Abrams is holding true to his LOST theory that you can't really change the future. Everything that is meant to be will happen SOME way.

Didn't this star trek introduce a new time line? Or did the star trek just explain how the trek we know came to be?

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