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recommendations for montreal record stores?


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Going to be spending next weekend in montreal and have done a bit of research about record shops to check out. Any recommendations on which are the best to check out? Looking for older vynil but shops with new vynil is a plus aswell.

This site seems like had some good recommendations. http://www.laventure.net/tourist/montreal.htm

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Hey Rob, it ain't Montreal but did you know that Amazon.ca now stocks vinyl- and that the prices are very good?

For example the new Andrew Bird- 2 albums, 180 gm weight; is only $19.

Plus for most of amazon you can put $30 in your cart and that gets you free shipping on the order.

Hope you had a great weekend.


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Beatnik has always treated me pretty well, they have new as well as used and also a lot of NOS(new old stock) records last time I was there. Within a block of that shop there is another that only does used and they have a pretty good selection as well. Not sure of the name of it but It's on the same side of the street in the uphill direction as I recall. Here's a link for Beatnick:


I would also be interested to hear what other places in town are good to hit up...

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Rob, I didn't know you were going to montreal this weekend, when are you getting there/leaving?

Steph and I will be there as of tomorrow night (for ben harper) until friday night and we'll probably do some walking/shopping so we'll let you know what we find...

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