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Lobster worth less than Bologna!

balogna pogna

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I just heard on the radio that lobster is only worth $3.00 a pound and is now worth less than bologna. Many lobster fisherman aren't even going out this season because of it.

I don't eat either meat but I may have to change my avatar due to the recessionary pressure in these tough economic times.

Is "Baloney Pony" too offensive? What picture should I use?

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Is "Baloney Pony" too offensive? What picture should I use?

Baloney Pony is not too offensive. I can see the Baloney Pony riding off into the sunset........story book endings already......ahhhhhh!!!!!

As for the picture, if you could mesh together a picture of a mouse, skunk, pig arse, rat and racoon together, I think that could do.

Or anything road kill........

Something like this perhaps;


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I love the Google ad at the bottom of this thread:
Bologna: know before you go

For me the ad was for phish tickets actually

Edit To Add: The actual message which I somehow forgot to add:

So, does this mean that lobster at restaurants say here in Ottawa will be cheaper than it was before? Or do I have to go to lapointe (or whoever the fish monger is here) and get the lobster there to take advantage?

Actually, come to think of it, Steph's going out east to NB for next week anyway so I can get her to bring me back some lobster for dirt cheap.

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