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Protests in TO and Ottawa to free Burma's rightful leader


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the burmese embassy in ottawa is not far from my place, so we'll be heading over if anyone wants to join. check out this thread to see the latest insane move by the burmese fucktards.

it's also not far from the Queensway, and I'm seriously considering kicking things up a notch and blocking it ;) it infuriates me so how the world keeps ignoring this!!!

For immediate release:

May 15, 2009

Ottawa Protest at Burmese Junta’s Embassy planned for Monday May 18

The Canadian Friends of Burma (CFOB) will be holding a protest on Monday May 18 in front of the Burmese military regime's Embassy to protest Suu Kyi's continued detention. We will also be using this time to mark the 1st year anniversary of the devastating cyclone Nargis, a horrible tragedy in which thousands died needlessly because of the incompetence and greed of Burma's corrupt generals.

Place: Sidewalk opposite the Burmese Embassy, 85 Range Road, Ottawa (near the intersection of Templeton Street and Range road)

Date: May 18 (Monday), 2009

Time: 1:30 – 3:30pm

Place: Burmese Embassy, 85 Range Road, Ottawa

Note: protest in Toronto is also being planned in the same day and time in front of Toronto City Hall.


Media contact: 613-297-6835

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