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London Log


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I'm continuing on from the Amsterdam trip with Velvet to the UK for a few days, for (as it turns out) three nights of concerts.

The first was last night, as Royal Albert Hall, for Nick Lowe. My seat was amazing, about 30' or 40' from the centre of the stage, off to the right of the stage (as you face) it, even with the second row of floor seats. The PA sits above the stage at RAH, so I wasn't getting blasted by sound; in fact, the sound was just about perfect.

The ticket said the show was Nick Lowe "plus support". The support supported Nick well: it was Ron Sexsmith. He did about half an hour (and came back an encore with Nick; apparently Nick's a big fan of his).

Nick's show was exactly what you'd think it'd be: those finely crafted songs of his, sung in a perfectly laid-back style, with his between-song banter setting the relaxed mood to a tee. He did a few I recognized (Cruel To Be Kind, What's So Funny About Peace Love And Understanding, I Knew The Bride), but most were new to me, and that was fine. The seat I had swiveled, and the crowd stayed sat, so I could swing around and just enjoy the music.

I'm staying in Kensington, walking distance to Hyde Park, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the Royal Albert Hall, and I picked up my ticket for the show tonight: Eric Clapton. From last night, I think I know where my seat will be, and it's not too far from where I was last night. The supporting act tonight is ARC Angels, which is also a pleasant surprise; I knew Doyle Bramhall II had played with Clapton a tour or two ago, but didn't know ARC Angels (which had the drummer and bass player from Double Trouble, Stevie Ray Vaughan's band) had re-formed.



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I tried to keep a set list; not all titles will be correct, though.

Go Down Slow

Key To The Highway

Only Love

Anything You Dream Of

I Shot The Sheriff


Lay Down Sally*

It's Getting There*

All The Time For Me*

Somewhere Over The Rainbow*


Queen Of Spades

I'll Say

Wonderful Tonight


encore: Crossroads

* Done sat down, with acoustic or semi-acoustic guitars

I'll write more about the show when I get back home, but overall it was really good, and a blast to be at Royal Albert Hall for it.



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