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Idol robbed


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I was sure he was going to win but happy Kris did!

I don't think Adam was robbed though.He was also a winner as far as i am concerned!

What she said. Kris, he could make a Jack Johnson/Ben Harper type album for sure and be very successful. Adam, sure he was talented and all, hits unheard of type notes and shit, but is probably much more suited for Broadway than making Pop records that people would buy for a few years.

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Poor Paul Rodgers.

How about Velvet Revolver?

I heard Sebastian Bach was first in line for that gig.

If it's true that Paul Rodgers is gone from Queen, I think it's for the best and will give him more time to be Paul Rodgers. Paul is one of my 6 favorite male vocalists, and I love Queen, but I was never entirely sold on that combination.

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