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Vibe Bank


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This should cut down of the pathetic vibe thread requests on this board.

This vibe bank is going work like have a penny leave a penny. Need a penny take a penny.

So if you you’re full of heady good vibes and you need to bank some for a rainy day please deposit them in this thread. Interest on vibe deposits will accumulate on a one to one basis per month.

If you’re down on your luck and need to borrow some heady vibes please do so. When your feeling good and things have come around for you please deposit 2 vibes for every 1 vibe you borrowed.

And don't think I won't send the vibe police around to collect on delinquent accounts.

Current Vibe Bank Balance =

420 VIBE Credits

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Hm, ok well I need some job vibes.

But...the way my luck has been going over the last little while I'll need quite a bit of vibes.

Perhaps I should make an appointment to come in and talk to a Personal Vibes Representative to discuss taking out a vibe loan or line of credit-vibes or something.

I just don't believe a few vibes from the vibe bank will cut it...

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very stupid idea

Sounds like someone needs to make a vibe withdraw.

You may need to show some sympathy here.

Often, people with little creativity tend to denigrate others' ideas. It isn't entirely their fault. They just have nothing else to say, and like to take part in others' discussions; so they just espouse negativity.

I generally just pat them on the head, smile, and nod.

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