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My girlfriend and I have signed up for a share in a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture - Link) this year for the first time. Anyone else out there take part in this? We went with this one, in Ottawa:

Saffire Farms

$375 for about 19 weeks of fresh local organic produce, starting mid-June. The only downside I'm seeing so far is that we have to bike out to Parkdale Market every Thursday to pick up. Really looking forward to this though.

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lol, it does look like it's run by kids! Kind of weird. This is one of the cheaper CSAs available in Ottawa so who knows..

Ollie - Bryson Farms is food box delivery service but isn't a CSA. In a CSA, you pay a set amount of money at the start of a season to buy a share in one farm, and you are invested in that farm for the entire season. So we're committed to them and there's a box of food with our name on it for about 19 weeks in a row, whether we want it or not. If the farm doesn't fare well this season, either will we, and vice versa. Also we don't pick what we want to receive in our food box (not sure if you do or do not with Bryson).

Yeahh Dhingy, well I live close enough to Parkdale market that its hard to justify taking the bus. It'd probably take me longer too!

My new job (if they keep me on into July and beyond) is around the corner from Parkdale Market so looks like I'm set. :)

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