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Gear Pron


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Macbook Pro - Awesome

Presonus Firebox - Ext Sound card (6 in / 10 out / Midi / SPDIF)

MicroKorg - Synth

NanoPad - Drum pad + Kaoss Pad

Akai APC 40 - Midi Controller

Really Big Shitty Speakers

AKG 271 mkII studio head phones, 80's washburn acoustic and epiphone les paul not present

Plus I've got a bar's pa system in storage :D

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Oh......I thought this said' date=' "Great Porn"[/quote']

Hee hee..me too! But then I realized what it really said and that's why I looked at this thread. I wasn't looking for porn. Really.

Me three! Except I really was looking for great porn. D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-M-E-N-T! :)

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So I've been having some fun with gear myself, but no recordings to show for it.

I'll have to take a better set of photos, but all things considered, I have a pretty juicy synth funk tripper.


My 'pedalboard' is a set of Ikea Gorm corner shelves and in time I'll either replace them or fix them up to be a bit more permanent feeling (respace the boards, paint, and velcro with rubber feet, and find a decent piece of luggage to fit)

When this happens, it'll be so much easier to hide this monster in the closet. Sometimes it's a little much...makes me excited.


Those big unsightly boxes are essentially just being used as expression pedals, but they have momentary latches that I was thinking of having modified into bypass loops with momentary sends.

I might sell them on eBay too. They're great units but big and heavy compared to having JUST an expression pedal.

I use them for my phaser's rate and sweep (my phaser is also an envelope follower, so I use this unit to give me a phase-wah)


I had some grandiose plans to use my amp's FX loop for the delay and phaser but it seems to have some noise.

Until I can get it fixed it's really the only shortcoming of my 'compact' (read: fits in the trunk of a car not the bed of a pickup truck) setup besides not having more speakers to push those 250 Watts through.


Now I've just got to get a kickass 4 string and another cabinet to have a fully giggable rig (a 5 string isn't always appropriate and my amp can pump out twice the power with another cabinet).

That being said...I've been looking at a lot of 'Gear Porn' for the past year. Good thing I have a real outlet for release now...well...without a drummer in my living room.

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