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I graduate this saturday...crazy

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If you would have asked me ten years ago if i would go back and finish two University degrees...i would have said what are you nuts..

flash forward to 2009...

I am graduating this Saturday at 9:00am. It was no easy chore and I gave up a lot to do it, but I am so happy I did. I didn't realize how accomplished i would feel until i went and picked up my convocation gown today....crazy!!!

Rock n' roll for the rest of the summer...than off to teachers college in the fall.

what a trip...

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Good job, Mike!! Congratulations!

(Note: Since you've been back in TB, I've done my best to encourage my NWT friends to go out to your occasional musical forays in the TB...unfortunately, they generally assumed it was "that hippy shit" and refused to even give it a chance. I still have to be their friends, again, unfortunately.)

Rock your convocation, dude. I didn't go to mine and I regret it, big time.

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