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Phish question?

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it would seem that:

a) phased release of dates/tickets

B) hampton hype

c) internet scalpers

d) indecisive wookies

e) negative bank account balances

have all contributed to the breakdown of conventional supply/demand laws.

yes, it would indeed appear that the bottom has dropped out on these tickets.

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That seems to be the case for many shows.

burgettstown's seem to be everywhere. i tried to get rid of my lawns after scoring pavilions and had to take a big loss. this show can be had for cheap. i hope this means its going to be the best show of the tour.

knoxville is bound to have tons of extras. i could have bought great seats yesterday during a rerelease and tons of people are trying to dump theirs already.

i think sunday alpine will also be an easy show to get into for below face, if not free saturday on the other hand may be harder. we may go to alpine now and see what we can get there.

even a couple shows on the second leg seem to have a ton of extras. seems you can get shorelines for cheap and even the gorge at face or less already.

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Could the fact that the band (still) sucks hard be a factor at all?

I was trying with all my might not to come out and say that - glad someone did!

I should have put my "quit my job and going on tour" part in purple I guess.


They don't suck. They just don't have any soul.

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I was at jones beach all three nights and you didn't even have to look for a ticket the tickets came to you, we had a few extras that we sold for well under face.... greatwoods on the other hand was a harder ticket. We had four extra's and there were people lined up hovering around us to buy them... Plan on hitting up four more shows, I hope the tickets continue to float around because we only have tickets to two of the shows

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To claim that Phish is sucking hard right now (without attending a show since Hampton or earlier) is the pinnacle of ignorance.

Tickets are plentiful because Phish is NOT a mainstream band. Please tell me you knew that already.

St. Louis, Hampton, Jones Beach Friday, Asheville, Red Rocks.

That's it folks. Those are the tough tickets. You should have known that already. Anyone that paid $100 for a Darien lawn ticket should go on DMB tour.

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