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Happy Birthday c-towns!!

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happy, happy birthday, clappy

join us as we celebrate

clap your hands and dance around

have a laugh and eat some cake

happy birthday, happy birthday

happy birthday

you`re so great

have a drink on us tonight

drink too much, get in a fight

dance around on tabletops

get pulled over by the cops

it`s your birthday, it`s your birthday

it`s your birthday, hey, why not?

because we`re all gonna die one day

might as well have a good time


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This is for lying to us......

James River blues

I just heard the awful news

I could steer around the rocks

But they're bustin' down the docks

James River blues

That train came on through

And the work's gotten slow

Now wheres a boat man to go

I think I'll float on down

To Richmond town

They don't need us anymore

Haulin' freight from shore to shore

That big iron hauls much more

Than we ever could before

I've see good men going wrong

I've seen bad ones get it right

As that river rolls along

I'll be steppin' out tonight

On the cool flow

Floatin' down, down below

The bridge to the waters edge

From the ridge to the ledge

From the hills to the sea

I'll become a memory

James River blues

James River blues

James River blues

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