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Phish Deer Creek Last NIght 6/19/09


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Set One

* Backwards Down the Number Line

* AC/DC Bag

* Limb By Limb

* The Moma Dance

* Water In The Sky

* Split Open and Melt

* Lawn Boy

* The Wedge

* Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan

* The Connection

* Ocelot

* Fluffhead

Set II

* A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing >

* Drowned >

* Twist

* Let Me Lie

* Tweezer >

* 2001 >

* Suzy Greenberg >

* Possum


* Sleeping Monkey >

* Tweezer Repris

Look at that second set! Where's my heady (and apparently rain soaked) SBD's?

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just got home from pitt/dc great shows

second set started at 11pm after an hour break due to lightning. people were asked to return to their cars and they would be allowed to re-enter later. many folks did but many waited it out. hope everyone was ok.

torrential downpour on the way out of the venue as well at the end of the show

for star lake, it seemed the venue was selling $10 lawn tixs (venue staff were walking around with big signs) although you could probably have got one for free since there were so many extras.

at the creek there were also a lot of extras and it seemed people couldn't even get $30 for a ticket.

wish i had the energy to have continued on

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deercreek always seems to give us memorable shows. this one was wicked. the weather was wild - some of the most spectacular lightening ive ever seen and loads of rain. quite fitting that they started the second set with ocean and drowned. and 2001 was fantastic. perhaps one of the best shows of what has turned out to be an incredible tour.

was also very nice to have run into an american friend from waaaaay back who was parked only three cars away. so nice when these kinda things just happen. the show had a great vibe.

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Manoman, that lightning show was fantastic. Kuroda never ceases to amaze.

Y'know how you learned in science class that lighting actually goes up from the ground? Well, the lightning was flashing upwards and in slow motion. Over and over, a consistent webbing of light rose around the venue, sometimes enveloping the whole sky. I remember the crowd collectively envision doom when an airplane flew across the sky aimed right in the path of the lightning. Somehow the made it through.

I actually thought we might magically not get rained on, but on the way to wait it out in the parking lot it started to come down, and hard. We were running our asses off trying to make it to someones car before getting soaked but we didn't get there in time.

When the second set started it was actually a beautiful night. The set was spectacular. During the encore came the actual torrential downpour. It was raining cats and dogs and moose I mean it was raining. And we were walking, kept dryish by our matching Maid Of The Mist plastic rain ponchos. And me with a poster to keep dry. Walking to the increasingly inappropriately named Closeby Campground. Man it was raining.

The poster made it just fine.

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