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When was the last time you saw the Cowboy Junkies?


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I just came back from a five-night run opening for the Junkies through NY State, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I had never seen them before though I knew their records in passing. I have to say, I find them to be an incredible band! Every night I shook my head and said, "Those folks on the Jambands board don't know what they're missing." The set is totally moody with big, loud moments and trippy, jammy moments; lots of INCREDIBLE playing, particularly on the part of Jeff Bird on mandolin and harmonica. He made a record with Kevin Breit and Harry Manx, I noticed on the merch table. He has a standard 8-string mando, and then a four-string solidbody that he shreds the shit out of, runs it through all kinds of pedals. Also covers a lot of ground with some expressive harp playing. Mike Timmins on guitar also never failed to impress me...and Margo still has an incredible voice.

They play a different setlist every night (there are more than a half-dozen records to pick from) and I saw a handful of tapers in every city we played. I think there may be some Ontario/Quebec dates coming in the fall (not 100%) and I can't recommend them highly enough, especially to you folks on this board. Take it from me...


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I've seen them a bunch of times going back to the early 90s. I'd have to find ticket stubs, but I remember gigs at Massey Hall, ElMocambo, CNE Bandshell, Ontario Place, and a couple of more.

They are an amazing band that creates a very unique atmosphere at their gigs. Venue and crowd vibe really make a difference.

I haven't seen them for a number of years now. Missed that anniversary Trinity Sessions gig at Massey :(

I can't imagine how many times I listened to their first 4 albums.

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