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Phish Halloween Fest


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I'm sure there is going to be plenty of onsite camping.

if they do the camping like it's done for coachella (and i imagine it will be the same, as the polo club and surrounding community has strict rules on how their facility gets used), get ready for a drastic change in how you've come to expect festival camping.

no more sprawling shade tents and big circles of tents - the on-site camping for coachella is a polo field where they mark off (with a field marker thing) 8x8 squares or something, and you get assigned a square and that's it. if you want to share your tent with others you can get another 8x8 square. there is no alcohol allowed, and there is a curfew (2 AM i believe). when i was there they were very strict with both of those points - people were kicked out before even seeing one band.

also, there is not 'plenty' of on-site camping - it's a small site and it will sell out fast

if you want a raging party, on site camping is not the place to be. there are plenty of houses for vacation rentals down there. if anyone wants to rent a house for the weekend, i'm in!

all the negatives put aside, it's an amazing venue for a big outdoor show. (and if you do camp there are free showers, a cool clubhouse that serves food and drinks, toilets, and it's a polo field so it's pretty level and great for sleeping).

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end of april / end of october in a desert in socal, there isn't much moderation in temperature

edit: i just checked out the yearly averages - end of april (coachella) average temp is 32, end of october (phish) average temp is 30. so a bit cooler but still not all that cool. it gets cold as soon as the sun goes down too. not meaning to be argumentative but it's f-ing hot down there. do-able though, for sure. :)

velvet, the no onsite alcohol is for the campgrounds, beer flows quite well in the venue. maybe the rules will be different for phish, but i doubt it. the rules for coachella and stagecoach (country festival that happens on same site) are identical for camping.

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I was just checking out expedia and it looks like there is a decent option for flight and hotel for a bunch of days at Resort at Indio. It's walking distance to the coachella site from what I can see and you can get 1-3 bedroom condos for the duration.

that place seems a bit sketchy - i did a few searches and all i could find were artists renderings, no real photos... if they're taking reservations i guess they're open though... and i didn't really search that hard

but, it's definitely not walking distance - it's 8 miles from the coachella site

here is the route from that place to the site

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