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All Canadian All Day Playlist


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I've vowed to keep it Canadian all day. Thought I'd share, encourage others and gain inspiration.

So far, we've listened to

Burt Neilson Band - Five Alive

The Guess Who - Track Record (Collection)

Rheostatics - Double Live (Disc 1)

Next up..... Grand Theft Bus - Flies in the No Fly

Play along at home. Post em up.

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Thanks god for deck canopys and moose burgers. Been sitting outside drinking bbers & whiskley enjoying the rain since noon, so far I remember we've listened to:

USWM - Three In the tree

USWM - Kerosene & Coal

USWM - Broken Trucks & Bottles

Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie - Hungry Ghosts

Jughead - 1999-12-09

Fat Cats - Cruelty's Cure

Fat Cats - High Five Ranch Ellicottville, NY 1993-08-01

Doug Feaver - High Five Ranch Ellicottville, NY 1993-08-01

My Brother Tina - La Lunas 1996-04-23

Currently: Doug Feaver 5th anniversary playing La Lunas 1997-05-29

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