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Femi Kuti July 4 - Meet the artist + free show!

Large Marge

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FREE Femi Kuti this weekend :)

Saturday July 4, 2009

Meet the Artist - 3:30pm

Concert - 9:00pm

"Femi Kuti returns with a generous, powerful and timeless new album Day by Day, continuing to explore and push back the frontiers of Afrobeat music.

Day by Day is Nigeria in all of its states: Elaborate instrumental patterns are found in both texture and in structure (“Demo Crazy.â€) Refrains as soulful as the best of old Curtis Mayfield hits (“Eh Ohâ€) set light to any dance floor. His group, Positive Force, built the foundations in Lagos. Femi’s young son, Madé, also joined the adventure, participating in all the tracks on this delicious album."

Also: FREE King Sunny Adé at 6pm!


"King Sunny Adé and his band, His African Beats, continue to weave an infectious blend of electric guitars, synthesizers and multi-layered percussion. Born to a family of Nigerian royalty, Adé left school to pursue a career in music."

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