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Singapore / Malaysia


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If you're in the mainland hit the northeast side (can't remember the island or find it on a map, but heard great things). I did the northwest and it wasn't great. Dirty and wouldn't dare swim. Might have cleaned up post-tsunami???

I shouldn't say it wasn't great. It was, but I bailed and went up to Thailand pretty quick and definitely didn't regret it. I think I was either in Langwaki or Pulau Pinang. If you have time I'd consider Thailand too. Not sure about Koh Lanta (would be closes island) - but Koh Tao is one of the best places on earth. You could probably even do a cheap flight from Kaula Lumpur to Koh Sumui and then boat over.

Kaula Lumpur was a trip. So cheap for all the knock off you could ever want. Fly over with an empty backpack.

Only other part I remember is that there was a jungle stop outside of Kaula Lumpur that I heard great things about from travellers. Don't remember the name. A couple hours north I think, but I breezed by it because I was meeting up with people.


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Lived in Singapore for the first eight years of my life. Spent a lot of time traveling around Malaysia in that period. Unfortunately I was too young to retain names and particulars but it's gorgeous. I do remember Singapore having an amazing park / wildlife sanctuary smack in the middle of it. The border crossing into Malaysia also fashions a person being hung on a billboard that advocates not trafficking drugs...

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I lived in southern Thailand for years and travelled to Malaysia and Singapore for my visas and visited friends on a regular basis. Singapore is a huge shopping centre and I found it extremely modern with Orchard Road having miles of glass and marble shopping malls. They were in the process of tearing down most areas with historical significance and character and replacing it more shopping centres.

I really enjoyed Malaysia with it's mixture of Chinese and Malay characteristics. I loved the Malay food. Tasty and cheap. MoMack is right about the beautiful islands and beaches on the northeast coast. Malaysia has very conservative muslim towns throughout the country but especially on the eastern sides. Hiking in the Cameron Highlands in north central Malaysia was fantastic. Incredible scenery and wonderful treks through the tea plantations. I found travel around Malaysia cheap, and easy.

Seriously bad idea to think about doing any kind of recreational drugs in either country. If you're looking for something more relaxed head up to Thailand. I lived on the beach of Railay in the province of Krabi. It's gone way upscale since I was there but there's still cheaper places further along the coast.

Safe & Wonderful Travels! :)

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